In the app menu there is the Calendar section!

In this section you can view in all days and months:

  • Planned hours for each day

  • The total hours worked each day

  • Missing clock in alerts

  • Holidays

  • Days off

  • Approved absences

You can swipe the calendar at the top to navigate between months, and tap the arrow to collapse the calendar.

"Planned" shows the planned times on your schedule to Arrival and Exit.

When you clock in for the day, the total hours are calculated and appear as "Worked".

The medical clipboard icon on Friday (18) shows that on that date there is an approved medical absence. Absences and vacations appear like this, by means of icons. This is the vacation one:

You can select a day by tapping it to open its details and request clock adjustments on the selected date. To request the adjustment, tap on one of the empty classifications (arrival, break, exit).

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