With Day.io it is possible to ask the employee to check his location when clocking in. This functionality guarantees more security and transparency for your company's time control!

Find out below which types of locations your company can add:


Designed for companies with employees who work and clock in the same site every day. Your company can register locations such as offices, buildings and other internal environments.

In this case, you can request location verification via WiFi, GPS or Bluetooth.

Custom Location

Designed for employees who perform external services, who clock in at different locations throughout the schedule or wish to register visits and meetings.

In this case, the employee, with the cell phone's GPS location service activated, chooses on the map where he is working now.

This optional feature must be enabled by the company.

Job sites

Designed for companies with employees who provide services or work allocated to clients to be able to register Job Sites.

  • Track hours worked on external services with ease

  • Add multiple addresses for the same client

  • Download reports by job site

  • Select authorized employees

When clocking in, the employee will be able to select the job site in the list of authorized locations and check it by GPS.

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