With Day.io, you can ask employees to verify their locations when it's time to clock in. This feature guarantees more security and transparency for your company's inspection point! We have different verification methods: WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and IP. Let's learn how to add GPS verification!

How do I add GPS verification?

Important! In order to create a Location with GPS Verification, the feature must be turned on when a new Location is created.

So let’s start from the beginning by adding a Location!

Click on the menu and click Settings> Locations. Then click on the button "+ Add Location" to create a location.

A pop up will appear when you click the button. Type in the new location code, the name, and address.

Don’t forget to click on the “GPS” switch to turn on the feature!

Then, a map will open showing the address. A bar will also appear. Slide this bar to create the valid range of distance to clock in from.

Note: If the employee clocks in from outside this range, the pin will change to a request that must be approved by the supervisor.

Click on the blue "Confirm" button, and you're all set!

Your location is ready with the GPS verification method.

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