The need to make clock adjustments is very common in the time control routine. By law, it is not possible to delete records, but it is possible to overlap one record with another to correct.

That's why we made this task super easy to do with!

Employees can request adjustments directly through the app. The supervisor is notified in real time with all the details and can approve or decline. Employees also receive a real-time notification with the response.

Request an Adjustment for today

  • In the app, tap the "Today" menu

Tap on the clock in you want to adjust, or where there is a status of "Missing", then select the option "CLOCK ADJUSTMENT".

A new screen will open with all the details of the clock in to be filled.

Select the correct Clock in Time, Classification and the Reason for asking for clock adjustment, for example:

- Forgot clock in

-Technical problems


-Early exit


After filling in all the information correctly, just tap the "ASK FOR APPROVAL" button.

The adjustment request will be created and sent to the Supervisor and you will receive a notification with the response in real time.

Remember: Pending clock in requests are not calculated until they are properly approved.

If approved, the clock in is automatically calculated on your timesheet.

  • Note: You can also cancel the request if you wish, it can be found in the "Requests" menu history.

Request an Adjustment in the past (Calendar)

To request a clock adjustment in the past, you need to access the specific day.

  • First, access the "Calendar" menu in the app

  • Swipe the screen until you find the date you need to make an adjustment. Tap the date to open the details.

  • Then tap on the clock in you want to correct or where there is "Missing" status.

It will open the same screen to create the adjustment request that you have seen before. Fill in all the information and submit for approval!

Okay, now you know how to ask for a clock in adjustment!

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