Using, you can create your entire company structure, Positions, Departments, Subsidiaries, and Teams. That way, you can control things accordingly.

Let's learn how to add a Department and assign it to an employee profile. It's easy!

And remember, you can add as many Departments as you want!

Add a Department

In the Admin Panel, click on Settings > Departments from the menu.

Then click on the button "Add a department" to create.

You must add the Department name and click the "Create" button to finish.

To delete or edit a Department, hover your mouse over the list name, and the options will appear.

Assign to an employee

You're all set! Now that you've added the Department, you can continue to the next step!

To assign a Department to an employee, from the menu, click on Employees, then click on the desired employee profile that you'd like to open.

Find and click on the "Department" field and select from the drop-down menu:

.💡 Follow this tip: you also can add a new department during a new employee setup. Click on "Create a New Department"

You're all set! If you have any questions, chat with a member of our Success team.

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