Configuring permission levels

Only profiles with Owner or Admin permission can access and configure Permissions.

From the menu, go to: Employees > "Permissions" Tab

It's always important to define everyone's role within the company to have control over their access and permissions. That's why Oitchau has the Role feature! Using this feature, you can set which employees can access each section of each platform. For example: Who can approve punch cards? Who can create working days? Who can access the payment page? Let's learn how to use it

Set the role levels

On this screen, you can see all possible permission levels available. You can also create a completely new, customized level or delete levels.

  • The Defaults are:

  • Owner

  • Admin

  • HR

  • Finance

  • Supervisor

  • Basic

  • Client Manager

  • Location Manager

Opening each level, you’ll find icons listing all the platform sections. Click on these icons to Enable or Disable that section for the permission level that you're editing.

The Owner is the only person with access to the entire platform! And only an ADMIN can have access to all sections.

Other roles like HR, FINANCE, SUPERVISOR, and BASIC must have more limited access, enabling only the sections that correspond to their work in the company.

For example: a Supervisor needs access to the Employee section. But a basic employee has to have access to their own punch cards and requests.

Assigning permission to an employee

Only profiles with Owner or Administrator permission can assign permission to other profiles.

Let’s say you're giving the Finance permission to an employee:

1) First, in the menu, go to "Employees", then click on the employee profile you’d like to edit.

2) Then, look for "Permission" under the employee details. Click on this to open it.

3) Select the permission you’d like to assign to them and hit save!

From then on, the employee will have access to the sections authorized for the permission level assigned to them.

Note: Only one profile can have OWNER permission. To remove this permission from a profile, the permission has to be assigned to another.

You're all set!

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