The Night Shift is a work condition where the employee works at night and gets paid extra for this time.

Here’s how to turn on this Business Rules Groups function:

Turning on the Night Shift

First, go to the menu and click on Settings > Business Rules Groups and click on a group to edit, or create a new group.

Click on the switch in the Night Shift tab to turn on the feature.

Compensation Percentage & Period

Now we'll set up the Night Shift basic settings.

Compensation Percentage

First, establish the Compensation Percentage, in other words the extra percentage employees will be compensated for working during night shift.

Start and Finish

In this field, you’ll set up the time period as the Night Shift. Most companies have their Night Shift between 10:00 pm and 5:00 am.

Finally, we have a checkbox that allows the working day that the employee completed to be counted as Night Work if they begin their working day at night.

For example:

The group’s night shift starts at 10:00 pm and ends at 6:00 am.

Juli started work at 2:00 am and finished at 10:00 am.

If the option is off, Juliana will have four hours counted towards night work.

If the option is on, Juliana will have eight hours counted towards night work;

You're all set! Now the Additional Night Shift of the Business Rules Group is activated and configured!

If you need help, you can chat with a member of our Support Team on the Admin Panel.

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