Every company has managers, each is responsible for their own team, Day.io is no different!

All employees with Supervisor permission can have a team. They then become responsible for managing punches and requests sent by employees on their team. This communication is done with notifications in real time!

Now we'll learn:

  • How do I create employees' Supervisor?

  • How do I assemble the Supervisor Team?

  • How do I delete an employee from a Team?

  • Where can I see a list of all Teams?

  • How do I delete an entire Team?

How do I create employee's Supervisor?

Before creating a team, you need a Supervisor because this is the only profile that can have a Team.

To do this, go to the Admin and click on the Employees menu, then select the employee that you’d like to make a Supervisor to open up their profile.

Search the "Permission" under the employee's details. Select the “Supervisor” permission level and click save (on the blue “Save” button at the bottom of the page.)

You're all set! Now that you have a Supervisor, let’s put together their Team.

How do I assemble the Supervisor Team?

With the Supervisor profile details open, click on the new "Team" tab.

Then you'll see the option to add employees. Just search for the name or use the tool to select multiple employees!

After selecting the employee, choose when they’ll start being a member of that Supervisor’s team.

To finish, click the blue button "Add"!

Note: If you select a date in the past, all requests pending from the selected date will appear on the supervisor’s app.

How do I delete an employee from a Team?

If you need to remove an employee from a team, just open the Supervisor profile and click on the “Team” tab to see the list of employees.

Hover your mouse over the employee’s name without clicking, and the “Remove” option will appear.

Where can I see a list of all Teams?

To see all teams active in the company, from the menu, click on Settings > Teams.

You'll only be able to see the active Teams on this list and their names (hover your mouse on the name to find the “Edit” option.

How do I delete an entire Team?

To delete a Team, remove all employees from it.

Go to the “Teams” tab in the Supervisor’s profile and remove all employees from the team one by one.

Now that there aren't any employees, the Team can be removed from the list (from the menu, go to Settings > Teams and will no longer exist.

You're all set! Now you know everything about Teams!

If you have any questions, chat with one of our Success team members.

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