It is common for employees to need sporadically an exception in the hours or days of their workday, such as when an employee needs special hours for college or has car rotation.

With the new Exceptions tool, instead of creating a new schedule just to fulfill this need, you can simply create an exception - for a specific day or for a period (from, until).

Example 1: Juliana works every day from 8 am to 5 pm. Only on Tuesdays she needs to arrive at 7 am.

Example 2: Juliana's arrival is always at 8 am at the office, but she will be attending some events next week, so I need her schedule to be flexible during that time.

On the exception day(s), the employee's default schedule is replaced by the exception that was created. As in Example 1 above, on Tuesdays, instead of Juliana's arrival being planned for 8 am, it will be planned for 7 am.

Learn how to create a schedule Exception:

1. Access the Panel using an account with permission to access Schedules:

2. In the menu, click on Schedules, then on the Exception tab.

3. Click the [+ Create Exception] button. Before creating, it is important to remember that the added exception will override the employee's default schedule for that day (or period).

4. Enter the exception name (Ex.: Juliana car rotation), then search for the employee and select.

5. Now define when this exception will be valid: only one day (ex.: Oct 8, 2019) or click on “Add period” so that the exception has a start and end date, which can last, for example, a week or an entire year. Select when the exception should start on “From” and when it should end on “To”.

6. Now configure the exception. For each day of the week within the chosen period you can select the type of Schedule:

  • No exceptions = In this case, the employee's standard schedule will be considered;

  • Standard = In this case, you determine the Arrival, Exit and Break times that must be considered on this exception day;

  • Flexible = You only determine the total working hours planned for the day, but the employee doesn't have the right time to clock in;

  • Day off = Day off is added for that day or period.

Check below how the exception configuration would look like in the example:

“Juliana has a car rotation every Tuesday and works with flexible hours every Friday.”

Once the settings are done, just [Save] on the blue button and that's it!

The Exception was created and the employee will have his schedule customized according to the settings.

How to create an exception directly through the Super Punch?

In addition to the custom way to create an exception, you can also create an automatic exception directly from Super Punch. This function is very useful when you just need to activate a working day for one person, for example: Ricardo doesn't work on Saturdays, but next Saturday he will work.

Let's go step by step:

1. In the Panel ( using an account with access permission to Schedules, open an employee's Super Punch.

To open Super Punch: click the menu on Reports > then Attendance Sheet, search for an employee, select the date and click 'Generate'. After generating the report, you will see the green “Super Punch” button in the right corner.

2. With the researched period open, just hover over a disabled day (no schedule planned) to see the [Add exception] button. Click!

The day will automatically be activated with the same times as the employee's standard schedule planned for that specific day.

How to disable an Exception?

You can access it from the 'Schedules' menu, then the 'Exception' tab. In the list of created exceptions, hover over the one you want to disable and click on the “Disable” button that will appear. All set!

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