understands the needs of the future of work, which is why we offer all the tools necessary to monitor employees who are working from home.

In this article, you’ll learn how to configure all the necessary settings so your employees can clock in from anywhere with managers monitoring all their activity in real time!

We’ll learn:

  • How to enable multi-platform registration options

  • Allowing the use of Current Location

  • Monitoring activities in real time

Enabling the multi-platform registration options

After accessing the Admin Panel with admin permission, the first step is to allow the employees the option for multi-platform clock ins.

That way, employees have the flexibility to clock in wherever they are!

From the menu, go to Activity > Punches, then click on the gear icon [Settings] at the top:

This will open a page with all the device options available for clocking in! Click all of them to enable three options: App, Computer, and Tablet.

The options will be immediately available for all company employees!

Enabling Computer Access

IMPORTANT: In order for the employee to clock in from the computer, they must have an email address and password to access the Admin Panel (If you already invited the employee by email this step is not required).

To do this, open the Employee menu and select the employee to open their profile.

Scroll down until you reach the Email field and add the employee’s email.

Allow Current Location Use

Now let’s allow employees to clock in using their Current Location from where they are using the app’s location service. This provides more flexibility!

For example, if John is at home, a pin will show up with his home address.

This option must be enabled so the employees doesn’t need to ask for supervisor approval all the time (for being at the wrong location.)

This option can only be enabled by the company Owner through the app!

With the Owner profile, go to the app and click on Profile > Locations. Under locations, the option "Custom Location" will show up at the top. Just click the icon to enable all company employees.

How does the employee clock in with this option?

When it’s time to clock in, all the employee has to do is click on "PUNCH IN/PUNCH OUT" and click the location name to open the list of options. One option will be "Custom Location" which will show the map.

Monitor activity in real time

Now that your employees can clock in from where they are, with total flexibility, location verification, and anti-fraud security, let’s learn how the manager can monitor activities in real time! is a platform designed to operate in real time, so this monitoring will naturally happen throughout the month.

The tools that allow for this to happen are:

  • The “Dashboard” Menu on the app - This is where you’ll be able to see which employees were working or absent the day before and who’s been working (or not) today. That way, once the employee clocks in, they’ll show up on the list immediately.

  • Super Punch - Super Punch is one of's most powerful tools that allows the user to access the employee sheet in a completely intuitive manner. With Super Punch, you can also approve and add punch cards and requests, all with mass actions. In just a few clicks, HR can finish employee time control!

  • Notifications - With, all activities requiring communication between employees and managers have a notification! When the employee sends a time off request or exceeds an overtime limit, the admin will immediately be notified, and the employee will also receive notifications with the status of their requests.

  • Reports - On our platform, managers have access to different reports that are updated in real time according to employee timestamps. You can manage and download reports in different formats.

Now your company is ready to keep track of their employees in work from home mode.

You're all set! If you have any questions, chat with a member of our Success team.

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