offers a complete overtime management system that helps your company save money.

Let’s talk a bit about each function and learn step by step how to configure each one!

Enable Overtime

from the menu, go to: Settings > Business Rules Groups, and open the group that you’d like to edit (or you can create a new one.)

To set only the Overtime in the "Paid Overtime" tab, keep the “Hours Bank” icon disabled:

Compensation Tiers

Now we'll set up the compensation phases! You can create as many compensation phases as you’d like.

Establish the Phase period

Choose which days you'd like to apply each compensation phase period to. For example, let’s say you're setting up a Period from Monday to Friday, and another for Holidays & Weekends. You can create different Phases, but the days can’t be repeated.

Set the phase compensation percentage

Choose a compensation percentage for each phase that the employees will receive for the Overtime hours worked.


Period 1: Monday to Friday, with 50% compensation;

Period 2: Holidays & Weekends, with 100% compensation;

Overtime Limit Alerts

You can also choose to receive overtime limit alerts.

Choose how many extra hours the employee can work per day, per week, or per month. Once they reach that number, the manager will receive a notification on the app.

Keep in mind that the employee won't be prevented from registering more Overtime, the manager is just notified so they can examine the overages in real time and prevent losses at the end of the month.

You're all set! The group’s Overtime is set up!

If you need help, chat with a member of our Support team in the Admin Panel.

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