Every company has their own specific rules and needs when it comes to Hours Bank, Overtime, Night Shifts, etc.

At Day.io, you can create these settings through Business Rules Groups and assign employees to groups. You can create as many Groups as your company wants and configure each of them differently.

The calculation and rules in a Group are only applied to employees that are added to it.

Now, we'll learn:

  • How do I create a Business Rules Group?

  • How do I add employees to a Group?

  • How do I Enable or Disable a Group?

  • How do I Edit a Group?

How do I create a Business Rules Group?

Go to the Admin Panel with a profile that has access to Business Rules Group.

From the menu, go to: Settings > Business Rules Group

To create a new group, click on the [+ Create New] button and type a team name.

You're all set. Your new Business Rules Group have been generated. Click the articles below to learn how to set up each of the available features:

How do I add employees to a Business Rules Group?

Employees should only be added to the Business Rules Group after all other previous settings have been completed because after adding employees, the option to edit groups is locked, making it impossible to edit preferences.

Done configuring all your Group’s settings? Ok! Let’s start adding employees!

To add an employee to the group, set their Start Date (the date that the group rules will start applying to them.)

To add 1 employee: Type the employee’s name into the search bar, type in start date, and click "Add".


To add multiple employees: Click the search bar and click on "Select multiple employees". A pop-up will appear that lists all employees.

1) Click on the profiles that you’d like to add.

2) Then click on “Move” to select them.

3) Click on "Select All" to finish.

Set a start date for all employees that are being added, and click “Add.”

You're all set! Now your Business Rules Group has been generated and configured, and your employees have been added to it.

How do I enable or disable a group?

In the list of Business Rules Group, hover the mouse over the group names (without clicking.)

Click on the ellipsis (the three dots) and two new options will appear: "Add employees" and "Deactivate"/"Activate".

All you have to do is click the "Deactivate" or "Activate" button to do this.

How do I edit a group?

It’s easy to edit a Business Rules Group. With the group list open, just click on the group that you’d like to edit to open it.

Remember: a few edits and settings can’t be changed after adding employees to the group.

You're all set!

If you need help, you can talk with our Success team over chat or read the articles here in the Help Center.

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