Here in this article we are going to chat about the Control Panel of the Day.io platform. You will learn how to navigate and where to find all available tools.

The Day.io Panel has a navigation focused on contexts. In the left menu we find the main tools that you will use in your routine, making access very easy. In the right menu, you can access profiles and settings.

Let's split it into two parts!

Left Menu: Employees, Activities, Reports, Payroll

In the blue menu at the top, in the left corner, we can find the following sections:


  • Activities

  • Reports

  • Payroll


In the "Employees" menu you can consult the complete list of the company's employees, apply different filters and export.

On this page, you can also view and edit profiles, add new employees, deactivate/activate profiles and make access permission.

In addition, you can access the Permission Levels settings (learn more in this article).


In the "Activities" menu there are 3 sections: Clock in, Super Punch (management tool) Absence Requests.

Under "CLOCK IN" you will find tools for:

  • Check in real time all the clock in registrations and also clock adjustment requests;

  • Apply various filters to search for clock in by employee, by status and even by clock in classification;

  • Do all clock in management: approve, refuse, validate and cancel clock in requests;

  • Supervisors can add clock adjustments for their team's employees;

  • Supervisors can export the clock in list for any period;

Apart from time management, managers also have access to the Settings tab, which allows to activate/deactivate platform options to clock in registration (app, computer, tablet) and configure access to the Kiosk Tablet.

Under "ABSENCE REQUESTS" you will find tools for:

  • Check in real time all absence or vacation requests created by employees;

  • Apply various filters to search requests by employee, status and even category;

  • Manage all request management: approve, refuse, validate and cancel requests;

  • Supervisors can add requests for their team's employees;

  • Supervisors can export the request list for any period;

Apart from managing Absence and Vacation requests, managers also have access to the Request Settings tab, where they can define company preferences such as: allowance, attestation requirement, approval flow, etc. (learn more in this article)


In the "Reports" menu, you will find all types of available timesheet, according to your profile permissions.

The complete list is:

  • Control of hours worked

  • Attendance sheet

  • Summary

  • Paid Overtime

  • Hours Bank

  • My Clients

  • Check in

  • Delays

  • Export AFD/AFDT

In addition to generating and consulting reports, which are updated with real-time calculations, it is also possible to export individual and group reports in the following formats: PDF, CSV and XLSX.

All report columns are 100% customizable. You can choose which displays to hide and change their position (just drag and drop).

Some reports also have additional tools, such as Hours Bank report, which allows you to adjust the bank, and Paid Overtime report, which allows you to add On Call hours.


In the "Payroll" menu, you will find all the necessary tools to your company's timesheet closing!

By clicking you will find the sections:

  • Payment Groups:

    Allows you to create different groups of employees, with different payroll rules (such as period and closing date);

  • Closing:

    Allows you to lock and unlock periods for these groups, to have more organization and prevent changes from being made in the past;

  • Layouts:

    Allows you to create and configure payroll layouts, depending on the payroll system your company uses. We have integration with all the most used systems on the market;

  • Electronic signature:

    Allows you to send e-signature requests to different groups of employees in your timesheets at the end of the month.

Right Menu: Language, Settings and Profile

In the blue menu at the top, in the right corner, we can find the following sections:

  • Language Selection

  • Settings

  • Profile


You can change the language of the platform in the icon with the country flag. Just click to open and select your preference.

Day.io is available in the following languages: Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Spanish (Spain and Argentina), English, Italian and German.

Soon we will have many more languages! :)


Next to the language, there is a gear icon that takes you to the Settings section, where you can create schedules, add job sites, create the entire organization chart and business rules group.

In this menu you have access to the sections of:

  • Company profile

  • Structure (Positions, Departments, Branches, Clients, etc.)

  • Locations

  • Schedule

  • Business and Holidays Rules Groups

  • Integrations and Marketplace

Like the left menu (which we talked about earlier), this section also adapts according to the access permissions of each profile.

For example, basic employees do not have access.


Finally, by clicking on your photo and name, an interactive menu opens with two different views.

1) For those who have access permission, below the profile are the sections:

  • Financial

    Access to Day.io invoices and billing profile;

  • News

    Where we publish drops of all platform releases and upgrades;

  • Help Center

    Access to articles with step by step of all features.

2) When you click on your profile at the top, you have a list of all the profiles you have, being able to switch between them.

If you have any questions about how to navigate the Day.io Admin Panel, please contact our Support team on CHAT.

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