SSO is a technological solution that allows accessing different applications and software using the same password for everyone, in a secure and transparent way.

The user enters the password only when making the first access, and then opens the other applications without having to enter a password again. This option works for both in-company and cloud-based software.

Let's learn how to enable and configure SSO in!

How to enable and configure SSO?

Access the Control Panel using an administrator account, with access to settings.

  • Click the menu under Settings ⚙️ > Security

First click on the 'Single Sign-on' (SSO) key to activate (must be green).

Then, enter your company's Domain, that is, the same domain as the website address, which is also used for corporate emails. For example: ''

The Domain will be sent for verification in our system. You should contact the Support team so they can verify.

After the first phase, with the domain verified, the same screen will show 3 new fields containing the unique keys needed to integrate with your company's SSO service.

  • Audience (EntityID, metadata.xml)

  • Assert Endpoint (ASC Url)

  • Certificate (x.509)

Copy and paste the keys into your SSO service as requested. Then just click 'Save' to finish.

You're all set! Now your managers and employees can access via SSO.

If you need help, call our Chat Success team.

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