In our Employees Center, in addition to being able to add new employees, check status and edit profile details, it is also possible to perform bulk actions.

You select multiple employees and can assign or change schedules and groups.

Let's learn!

How to apply bulk actions?

Access the Control Panel using a supervisor, administrator or owner profile.

  • From the menu, click Employees > Employee Center

In the list of employees, you will notice checkboxes next to the names. Just click the boxes to select multiple employees.

To select everyone from the list, simply click on the box at the top, next to the column heading “Employees”.

A bar will then appear showing the total number of profiles selected, and the “Assign” button that allows you to assign them all to the following groups:

  • Business Rules Group

  • Payment Group

  • Holidays

  • Schedule (assign or remove)

  • Company's Units (department, position, branch)

When choosing the action you want to perform, a pop-up will open asking for more information. For example, let's change the Schedule of these 3 selected profiles.

In the pop-up, select which Schedule they should be added to, and from which date this change should take place.

In this case, we are adding 3 employees in the “Sales” schedule as of 01/09.

Click “Confirm” to save, and that's it!

The action may take a few minutes to process completely. Refresh the page to see the changes.

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