Learn in this article:

  • How to issue notices to your employees

  • How to create a warning or trigger release

  • Approval mode and query filter

  • Overtime reports to track performance

Before proceeding with this topic, make sure you read this article and configure it beforehand so that the functionality is activated.

Let's go! Access your Web environment now with an Admin or Supervisor account and follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Access the Activities > Warning menu

In this environment you will find the management fields to open orders and track retroactive entries.

This panel will be available for the permissions that you enable the Request and View warning notices, that is, the Basic access employee will be able to request Triggers/Warnings for himself (it will be pending for a manager's approval) and the leader with Supervisor permission will be able to perform for your team members.

In the + Add Surveillance field you can include the shift information (💡 tip for Supervisors and Administrators: you can add a group of people in "Multiple Employees).


Warning - a launch period of hours that this employee will be available;

Triggering - period in which the employee was triggered and will be reflected in Overtime (if configured in this way by the Administrator) in the Rules Group.

If it is an on-call posting period, click On-call Shift and then click Create.

Step 2 - Track the status of the release

If the request opening is opened as Pending, simply click on Approve so that the request is registered and stored in the Time Bank report.

You can also delete a release by clicking on it and indicate in the bottom corner that you want to delete it.

You will be able to filter previous postings by date, type and also by status.

Step 3 - Access the Time Bank Report

After all postings are approved, you can track in the report of how many hours were compensated.

To do so, simply access Reports > Overtime and include the Trigger and Overtime columns.

You can also download this report in PDF and Excel.

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