This function is important to fix the Day app on your tablet. Learn below how you can set up it in IOS and Android:


We do this using Guided Access:

1- Enable it by opening the Settings APP

2- Go to General > Accessibility > Guided Access

3- Enable the “Guided Access” slider here.

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4- Click on Password Settings < Set Guided Access Passcode.

Set your PIN code for exiting the PIN mode when you need it.

5- Triple tap the home button and Start the guided access. To exit it, triple tap the home button and enter the PIN code you’ve previously set up.

Samsung or an android tablet

1- To pin the kiosk application, head over to Settings -> ‘Biometrics & security’ -> ‘Other security settings’ -> Enable ‘Pin windows

2- Then, open the app and press the recents button, tap the application’s icon at the top and press ‘Pin this app’, the app should open and you should see the instructions on how to disable the pin.


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